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Silcarb recrystallized (p) Ltd started its journey in the year 1982 as silicon carbide heating element manufacturer..37 years on,today Silcarb holds more than 90% of the silicon carbide heating elements business In India and exports its products to almost all countries in the world.

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MoSi2 heating elements

MoSi2 Heating elements

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Technical cermics

The plant is subdivided into four subsidiries- silicon carbide heating elements division, mosil heating elements division,furnace manufacturing division,kiln furntiure division,technical ceramics division,R&D division


SILCARB RECRYSTALLIZED has its manufacturing plant located in Bangalore,in the south of India.The manufacturing plant is spread over 7 acers of land and with a bulit up faciltiy in exesess of 90,000 square feet.This plant has complete back up power generation unit in excess of 1.5 MW dedicated only to its recrystallization furnaces.

Hsitory in Words

silcarb, in the year 1982 started manufacturing "beta" silicon carbide heating elements.It followed an unique procesess of transforming extruded carbon tubes and rods into silicon carbide by a high temperature gaseous transformation (c+sio2=sic +02)procesess.Silcarb manufactured these "beta" silicon carbide heaters until the year 1998. Silcarb then decided to switch over to the "alpha" silicon carbide heating element range of products and follow the recrystallization procesess of manufacturing heating elements.Silcarb now manufactures in excesess of 50,000 heaters in various types and shapes and exports 65% of its production.The plant as of 2019 is running to 90% capicity with silcarb now adding new recrystallization furnaces to increas its capicity Silcarb in the year 1999 started its furnace manufacturing division.

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Dosing Furnaces

The Westomat has virtually become synonymous with “dosing furnaces”. This is because it is considerably more economical in terms of metal loss and energy consumption compared with automatic ladle systems using a holding furnace and always provides clean metal with no temperature losses..

SISIC Beams.

silcarb is leading Manufacturer of NBSIC And SISIC Beams With High Temperature Product manufacturing company. Sisic ceramic beams have large high temperature bearing, good oxidization-resistance.