• Address:No-38, 17th Cross, Malleswaram, Bangalore
  • Certified: ISO 9001: 2015

About Us

Welcome to Silcarb Recrystallized

“Silcarb has been in the field of Manufacturing Silicon Carbide Heating Elements for the past three decades, with its plant located in BANGALORE, South India.The new MOSIL range of mosi2 heaters that Silcarb manufacturers are equivalent to Super Kanthal, Super kanthal 1700, Super kanthal 1800, Super kanthal 1900 and can directly replace the latter ".

Silcarb is

Silcarb, having established itself as a quality supplier of Silicon Carbide Heating Elements has now introduced its state-of-the-art technology Furnaces for various applications.

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Who We are

SILCARB RECRYSTALLIZED has its manufacturing plant located in Bangalore,in the south of India.The manufacturing plant is spread over 7 acers of land and with a bulit up faciltiy in exesess of 90,000 square feet.This plant has complete back up power generation unit in excess of 1.5 MW dedicated only to its recrystallization furnaces.

What We do

Silcarb in the year 1999 started its furnace manufacturing division.Silcarb intially manufactured furnaces using its own silicon carbide heaters in order to show case the effiency of its heaters manufacuted in house.Silcarb today has furnaces population in excesess of 1500 operating is the foundry,forging,ceramics,glass,crystal growth,dental,laboritery,advanced materiels etc etc, with furnaces supplied and installed as far and wide as Seoul,ezimer,milan,starvapol(russia) etc etc

Research and Development

Our R&D team is constantly working on energy conservation with the use of new procesess and materials, The top managment at Silcarb is directly involved in most of the R&D activities at Silcarb. Silcarb's R&D is the core of all of Silcarb's activities.

Silcarb uses a number of forming techniques with the top of the line equipment for

cold high pressure vaccume extrusion(upward of 350 tonnes) uniaxial vibrating bed pressing
dual axis pressing low pressure pug milling
slip casting pressurised slip casting

Vision and Mission

Silcarb has a complete fabrication facility and its own brand new machining center located all under one roof.


Silcarb in the year 2013 invested in a brand new state of the art facility to manufacture these heaters. The mosil range of products was a natural vertical integration for silcarb. Silcarb,with this is new manufacturing plant now has the capicity to manufacture heaters from the temperature range of 6000 degrees c all the way upto 18000 c degrees, Silcarb today has furnaces population in excesess of 1500 operating is the foundry, forging, ceramics,glass,crystal growth,dental,laboritery,advanced materiels etc.

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During the manufacturing of various furnaces for our customers and also the constant in house requirments, silcarb set up its new faciltiy for manufacture high end kiln furniture and its technical ceramics division.Silcarb has its own extensive wet milling,dry milling powder mixing equipment.Silcarb has now installed a brand new jet mill to produce its own micro and nano particles for its in house needs.Silcarb has also installed its in house spray drying equipment for powder prepration..

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